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◎Board of Directors
Cao Wenlong,Hu Wentuo,Jiang Weimin,RenGuoqiang,Zhang Shudong
◎Senior Management

Mr. Cao Wenlong,the founder of Longchuang,who graduated from Beijing forestry university computer professional. From 1999,he led the company to become the leading energy saving solutions and services company. Also,he Serves as director of Shanghai informationization talented youth association, director of Shanghai energy conservation association, energy conservation service industry committee, in 2012 won the "top 10 innovative IT youth" in Shanghai.

Mr.Xu Xiang, Vice general manager, graduated from Shanghai university. Once successively in honeywell China co., LTD., Siemens building technology, companies such as general electric fire, marketing director, sales director position, has twenty years of experience in professional field.

Mr. Wu Dawei, Vice general manager. He has more than 16 years of working experience at Siemens, Honeywell, Schneider electric, as a regional sales director position.He is also good at energy saving solutions and engineering service.

Mr. Wu Xinwei. Vice general manager, graduated from Harbin institute of technology university fluid transmission and control. has 16 years working experience at Siemens China as general manager of Service&Energy Dept. Also has deep research on energy saving services.
Bachelor of economics, certified public accountant, joined the Communist Party of China in January 1997. 2007 to enter the SIIC, the Audit Department of large enterprises, financial management, cost budget, accounting, financial supervision and audit supervision with many years of practical experience.

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