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With the continuous innovation and development of new energy resources in the world, users are actively seeking the local/nearbysmartenergy solutions, no matter in the industrial, commercial or civilfields. The new energy technologies, includingCHP (combined heat and power generation), gas power generation, distributed energy resources, ice storage, energy storage and so on, have graduallymatured and successfully applied to many projects already.
Our applications of new energy technologies are based on years of practices, to provide our customers with highefficiency, low emission, and affordablesmart energy solutions, throughout the whole life cycle of the project, from preliminaryconsulting to operation and maintenance.
Maximizing building energy efficiency as well as collecting and processing information from inside and outside, we provide users and managers with all kinds of building information, diagnosis and optimization,to realize informationdiversity and to build a safe, comfortable and convenient living environment.
Advanced building energy-saving technologies have been applied to various building types, including the technologies ofnew energy, traditional energy andenergy recovery, combined with the automatic technology, network technology and information technology to build up building energy system.
■ Recorded as the first batch of energy-saving service companiesbyNational Development, Reform Commission and Ministry of Finance
■ Rated as the most growth enterprise in China energyefficiency industry
■ Carbon assets management
■ Green building, United States LEED certification services
■ Building energy efficiency services
■ EMC (Energy ManagementContract) services
■ Energy hosting services


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