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Smart hotel system satisfies the requirements for high-end modern hotels, in terms of process management, guest room management, most comfort, high energy-efficiency, etc. In addition to achieving energy efficiency and easy management, it also realizes a harmonious coexistence of comfort and energy saving, creating a green, efficient, comfortable and convenient environment for customers.
■ Energy-efficient control & management of guest room air conditioners
■ Humanized control of guest room lights
■ Easy access to high quality services
■ Monitoring and management of guest room conditions and services
■ Helping customers involved in management, and improving the business process.

We have been involved in designing and promoting resource conservation solutions for many years, aiming to provide the best solution to improve the efficiency, reduce the costs, create a more comfortable and humanized environment, and effectively fulfill the requirements of costumers.
Air Conditioning System
■ More than 16 air conditioning operation models
■ Night automatic operation model of air conditioning system
■ Operator access control, and air-conditioning remote control
■ Customized setting of reproducing function
■ 3-speed fan, and 2-pipe or 4-pipe fan coil control
■ Temperature control panel designed specially for smart hotel

Lighting System 
■ Providing multiple independent lighting circuits control, to realize lighting switch/dimming control
■ Rich lighting scenes
■ Realizing scene linkage control
■ Different lighting solutions for different purposes (guests or staffs)
■ Lighting remote control
Curtain System
■ Providing multiple independent curtain control
■ Providing curtain remote control, and scene linkage control

Controlled Circuit
■ Controlled sockets: when the customer inserts the room card, system automatically connects to controlled sockets; when the customer pulls the room card out, system delays to cut off power supply.
■ Uncontrolled sockets

Features of intelligent centralized control system
■ Networking
■ Intelligence
■ Compatibility
■ Integration
■ Bi-directionality
■ Convenience

Efficiently integrated system
■ ID recognition
■ Integrated access control
■ Highly-efficient services and management

Convenient one-stop services
■ Optimal solutions integrated with popular PMS
■ Optimizing services and customer management

Optimization of energy efficiency
■ To ensure the comfort and maximize energy efficiency
■ To optimize energy resource and reduce operating costs
■ To reduce greenhouse gas emissions


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