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Energy saving and environment protection should start from home. It requires the smart home fulfilling the functional requirements of users, in terms of safety, comfort and practicality,providing more reliable and safer personalized living and working environment as well, to create intelligent life at home. More importantly, it will greatly improve energy efficiency, reduce the daily energycost, and enable users to gain higher economic benefits.

Good start of a day 
In the morning, the first ray of sunshine onto the windowsill brings the sweet home a busy day. Thick curtains are automatically opened, to let sleepy you feel sunshine through the gauze; automatic fresh air system gradually replaces the room air with fresh air, mixed with the smell of dew and grass. It is a good start of a day.

A relaxing day
It's time towork. Touching the color touchscreen fittedin the doorway, switches the operation model to ‘Leaving Home Scene‘. That means all of lightings, curtains, sockets and electric appliances will be automatically set to theirbeststates: electrical lights turned off, sun tracking function of the shadesturned on, partsof sockets, air conditioning, TV, audio and othersshutoff......
At work, you can remote enquiry the states of home equipments through telephone or internet, for example, opening the air conditioning and floor heating systems ahead, to feel the pleasant environment and relaxingonce home.

Warmth is the feeling of home
After a busy day, opening the door and touching the screen, switched to an appropriate operation model, starts to enjoy the comfortable temperature, pleasant light, and elegant background music……No matter the ‘Dinner Scene’ or ‘Home Theater Scene’ can be easily achieved, bypressing the multifunction button panel at hand or IPAD and IPHONE. When you feel sleepy, but worry about the lights in the living room and study room downstairs whether turning off, or the electric coffee pot in the kitchen whether shutting down, all of those information can be knew through the panel fitted in the head of bed, or IPAD and IPHONE. Once the ‘Night Scene’ starts, all of lights will be turn off, and air conditioning and heating systems will be adjusted to power-saving models.
When the whole family was deep in sleep, the smart home system keeps on working quietly. With the help of it, lovely children will never afraid of the night, as a night light will be turned on by mobile sensor once they get out of the room. Moreover, when the casual visitor breaks the house, the security alarm starts immediately. Have a good dream and enjoy a peaceful night!

Comfort & Warmth
Lightings, shadings and electric curtains
Home energy consumption can be effectively reducedthrough lighting control (in terms of switching and dimming) andgang controlof outdoor shadings, indoor rolling shutters and electric curtains. Itbuildsa sweet and comfortable household style, withdifferentfunctionalscenes.

Air conditioning, floor heating and fresh air control
In modern home, its heating/cooling is mostly satisfied by air conditioning system or water/electric floor heating system. A pleasant living environment of smart home depends on the professional control of air-conditioning and heating systems, and the control strategy to maintain indoor air quality.

Safety & Reliability
Timing function, outdoor light sensor
Garden lamps are automatically controlled by the light sensor and timer. When it gets dark, the light sensor will trigger the lamps turning-on; at midnight, the timer will trigger the most of lamps shutting-down; at daybreak, the light sensor will trigger the rest of the lamps shutting-down. The timer also controls the opening and stopping of the irrigation devices in the garden.

Integrated management of security and video intercom
Through the touch screen, the control system of smart home perfectly integrates the video intercom and security systems. It can shut down all of equipments and start protection system, when the users left home; it can help to call for elevator as well.
Moreover, the smart home control system ensures the room lamps turning-on, before the users coming back from the work or holiday.

Live as you like
Remote control
Air conditioning, floor heating and other systems can be controlled and queried remotely, through the Internet, 3G network visual graphic form or just making a phone call. Moreover, in the case of travelling or vacation, telephone can be used to make the room look like occupied, to improve safety.

System control of home theater and background music
A single touch-screen can be used to control the audiovisual system of the smart home, including TV, projector, DVD player, stereo system, projector screen, etc. It can prepare all the steps for watching a movie at home; choose your favorite film or music, only through the menu of video library. When the movie starts, it can automatically turn off the lights, close curtains and adjust the room temperature, to create the most comfortable cinema atmosphere.

Smart Low Carbon
Movement induction control
Human body can trigger the infrared motion sensor embedded in the panel, to turn on the lights automatically. The light sensor can provide linkage control of the illuminance measurement in the control area, to realize energy efficiency.

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